One Instance of Many

When I realized I was growing up

There wasn’t just one instance for me

First came the responsibility

For I was given plenty


Watch your siblings! Do the dishes!

I was asked to do so much

I felt like a genie granting wishes

I was depended upon much like a crutch


But this is just one instance of many

Next came the stress

Which once again I had plenty


I realized that not everything

Would come so easy

I felt like a bird trapped without its wings

Going stir crazy


Soon I realized I had to work

I had to practice and study

I caught on quickly which was a perk

But this is just one instance of many


Next, in my opinion, is the saddest of all

The world I had imagined since being small

Was not what I had dreamed of at all


I started noticing things like how life

Was unfair for a certain slice of the population

For their life was filled with strife

And made to feel like an abomination


But this is just one instance of many

People grow continuously

There isn’t just one thing that makes you realize you’re growing up

You can never grow enough


But, this is just one instance of many

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