Mon, 04/14/2014 - 13:02 -- khoons

Why can’t I succumb to these emotions?

I see spring, but feel winter

Petals dance in the stinging wind

Gust of stormy winds raise me to the utmost high


Cravings of passion and love

Ignite in the kiln of every

Soundless heartbeat

But only lackadaisical movements flow from my bones


A life that should be filled with shades of grey

Play only black and white

I want

I wish

But nothing is seen


There is no escape

From the hall of despair

No beacon of light relieves these eyes

Of the endless darkness

If ever so there is just a peak of chance

It’s only a mirage that gnaws at the heart


How mind boggling it is

How treacherous it is

The lust, the temptation, the greed

Of wanting it so much

But the body doesn’t move

The soul moves, but this body has no soul


I want, I need but I can’t have


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