Once, I wished upon a star

To take me to a land afar


Away from death, away from life

Away from sins, and stress, and strife


I sat upon my windowsill 

And watched the stars, with time to kill


I saw them dance, I watched them play

I ne'er did wish to look away


I closed my eyes and wished real hard

To travel to that land afar


Up and down, I watched them twirl

And then I blinked, and saw the world 


Floating high above the sky

The beauty almost made me cry


I saw the blues, the greens, and whites

They looked so calm and full of life


The gentle giant sat quite peacefully

She looked content (I wish I could be)


And then a star came up to me

And whispered to me, quietly,


"Take care your wishes, pray, don't delay,

Lest you want to wish your life away."


And with those words, I came back home

Floated down, nowhere did I go


Still perched inside my windowsill

Staring, searching for a thrill


And as I glanced up, out afar

I saw that winking, waving star


Once more he whispered some advice

To which I now do live my life:


"Live each moment as best you can

Laugh out loud, even when you are sad"


"But most important, when things seem black

Make sure you love like you'll never get it back"


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