Futures Mist

I can see it now

Church bells, the white dress, the humble ring

You'll have a smile for the happiness to each other we bring

Everyone will be happy for us

There's no one else with this much trust

I can see it now, 

Our quaint little house

Me, your happy little spouse

One cat for all the mouse

A dog to run around and be loud

I can see it now,

We'll have to kids- a boy for you and a girl for me

We'll teach them all about nature and peace

Give them all the love and direction they'll need

I can see it now,

Our happy little family

Somewhere by the sea but surrounded by lots of trees

We'll be smiling and loving and understanding....

I watch you now,

Completely understanding, hoping, and caring

you pack your bags

to follow your on dreams

I hope you'll come back

Don't forget about me


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