Mr. Washington

Wed, 03/05/2014 - 15:47 -- arepple

Inside a mall I see a man,

about as tall or taller than me. 

Near the pearly marble fountain he stands,

just about happy as happy can be.

I asked him, "Sir what brings you here,

to the mall this cold Thursday?"

He said, "Son my name is Bobby Harrison,

So just take in what I'm about to say.

Look boy you know when I was your age,

I had the girls, the money the fame.  

But now, no girl will look at me,

Im poor and nobody knows my name."

I replied, "but sir what do you mean, 

you were smiling from ear to ear.  

When I approached you still not a moment has passed,

near the fountain so ever-clear. "

He said, "boy look and listen to me, 

while I give you the word to the wise.

Do not take for granted the ones you love,

unless youre willing to get teary eyes.

I am here today to ask a whim, 

a "wish" some would call to claim,

a new lease on life is what I want,

and the old one is mine to blame.

Look boy look into my hand,

and read my brand new coin,

It says at the bottom "Washington,"

and I hope it brings me joy. 

I'd swim through acid and through fire Id walk,

Again and again to escape this hell,

So I bid you adieu, Mr. Washington,

as you sink in the wishing well."

Aback I was taken to this I must swear,

for this man did not know my name.

He then wandered off with blank dispare,

the smile was stripped away from his face.

A ways he walked then he turned around,

and his eyes began to swell,

He said, "Boy please take my last "Washington,"

and I hope he will treat you well.




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