starlight, starbright,

first one I saw tonight

was really a plane. 

blinking lights and then it was gone

taking me away with it.

I tossed all my wishes in that hollow metal thing. 

just like my suitcase.

full of dreams and stardust

to be dragged around wherever I go.  


starlight, starbright,

wish I may and wish I might 

but I can't go back and make it right.

contrails trace the sky 

tears trace my face

falling steadily onto the pages

of the book she bought me years ago.

 the tears fading into the binding

taking the sadness with them.

I wish I could stop up all the leaks so easily

plug them up with paper.

for I am leaving my world 

for a land of big skies and harsh light

strange and beautiful.


starlight, starbright,

please let me follow your light.

I don't want another bad beggining

followed by a bumpy ride

and a crash landing at the end.

I'm just a girl.

only a person.

so small and far away.

but please grant me my one desire

let me be something other than

a tiny fire.  

burning in the dark of night

I can't help but waver and sway in the wind.

I tried to fill my head with air and now its suffocating me.  


so starlight, starbright,

won't you be a friend tonight?

watch over this haphazard flight

let me know I can make this right

that I  might turn out alright

please guide me home and breathe me back to life.










This poem is about: 
Our world


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