Birthday Wishes


Today is a day that comes once a year
A day for some to shed a joyful tear.
Needless to say, I'd rather not cry
Well at least I can say that I did try,
As I made my birthday wishes.
But don't you dare worry
I wouldn't dare hurry 
As I make my Birthday wishes
Birthday wishes
Are something unlike dirty dishes.
They can be simple and neat,
So creative, so sweet.
Don't you dare be afraid
For I won't dare go astray
As I make my birthday wishes
You need to be wise
 With a wish on a birthday
For when the occasion does arise
You need be prepared what to say.
The day will come to an end
And I will be with family and friends
As I make my birthday wishes
There Is something they say 
About wishing on you're birthday
That is not to share what you do
Or it may not come true
Don't you dare even think
And I won't dare even blink
As I've made my birthday wishes.
A problem with this to me it seems
As this morning I'll have made my wish 
And every wish will come true
For I get to spend today with you.
Yes I am glad to also be with my brothers 
But it is you that I love like no other.
It is you that will make today so surreal
It's from you, that such joy I feel.
Don't you dare try to deny it
I won't dare to not cry yet
Since true have become my birthday wishes
Yes you are the one in my birthday wishes.


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