I Wish


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I wish I could shut off all the voices in my head, just for a moment.

I wish i could make people understand.

No matter how hard I try it seems impossible.

I try to explain but they never seem to understand.

They can't stop seeing things from their perspective long enough.

They will always be right.

I will always be wrong.

I wish people could step into my shoes for one day

See what it's like to be me

To think what I think, how I think.

To think what I feel, how I feel.

I want to see them try and hide and fight the demons that I face

And put up with every day.

It's not easy, that I want you to see.

You could never be me

You wouldn't survive not one day in my shoes.

Step in my shoes you'll see just how much Ii fear i’ll lose.

I'm fighting with my all

But it doesn't seem to be enough.

Then again it never was.. I never was and I fear that i never will be.


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