If Only

If only you knew how much you mean to me,
How much I still care.
If only you knew that your smile makes my day complete,
And your hugs leave me comforted.
If only you knew how much I miss you every second that passes me by,
And how much I long for your sweet kisses.
If only you knew how many times I’ve cried for you,
Wishing you were still mine,
And how lost and broken I am now that you’re gone.
If only I had the strength to carry on.
If only you could feel the love I have for you,
Surrounding you,
Where you can see every bit of it.
If only you knew how much I miss hearing you sing,
And watching you walk and dance crazily down the street.
If only you knew I’m not as strong as I seem,
And these walls I’ve built up,
Are slowly falling to the ground.
If only you knew that,
After all we’ve been through,
And everything that is yet to come,
I will always love you with every heartbeat,
Until the very last of my song.


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