I Wish


I wish
I was a painter to immortalize your beauty
 I wish
I was an architect to build your hopes and dreams
 I wish
I was a writer to write the story of how I met thee
 I wish
I was a pilot to fly you to a world unseen
 I wish
I was the sun to give you all of my shine
 I wish
I was a genie and give you everything you believe
 I wish
I was a poet to give you rhythm and rhyme
 I wish
I was I clock so I could look at you while stoping time
 I wish
I was a pencil to connect us together like a straight line
 If I had one wish
I wish to make you mine
 Not one tear would hit the floor and go missing
 I'm none of the above but I will always keep wishing
 It's not negativity but being realistic sadly
 But nothing else matter because
I wish to see you happy.


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