When life is hard, when the stress seems too much

When we lose a loved one, when we need a crutch 

What do we do when our worlds begin to crumble at our feet, and we feel more empty than a sea with no fish? 

We do what we think is best: we wish

We wish for money, a car, a house, a friend

We wish for a way out of pain that doesn't seem to end

We wish for things that we can't buy, can't obtain, can't find

For love, a second chance, and maybe a sign

When we don't get our wish, we lose hope and get sad 

But maybe we didn't get it because it's something we didn't know we already had

Sure you may not have a sweet car in the driveway, but maybe you have something more

People who love you, people who care, a house, a friend, I promise, you are not done for

Life will turn around, just keep holding on

Don't give up on wishing, there's always more candles on a cake to wish upon  

Though others may think wishes are pointless, useless, and dumb

I think wishes help prevent us from feeling numb

So, when the world seems grey, don't give up, don't give yourself another scar

Instead, my friend, look up, and wish upon a star 


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