I hope, I wish, I dream

Though distant it may seem

That one day I will succeed

And this is my only plea.


They tell me that it’s impossible

And that it simply isn’t plausible.

They tell me I don’t have the talent

Oh! How I wish they would relent!


I hear them ridicule and scrutinize me

Saying “there is no potential here to see.”

And so, I must prove them wrong

No matter the cost, or however long.


Deep down I know that the doubt is not all from them

But from another source does it really, truly stem.

It is then that I realize that the real doubt comes from inside

And it is something I have tried and tried to hide.


I hit a wall that seems impossible to break through

I can’t stop for I must prove! I must prove!

But I feel as if there is nothing but defeat

For their standards are impossible to meet.


Reaching for something so unattainable

I feel as if my dreams are not sustainable.

Imprisoned in my own thoughts of self doubt

I helplessly and aimlessly look about.


Well, it looks as if they were right.

How could I ever think I’d reach such heights?

From here, all I see is a downwards slope.

But then, at the bottom - a glimmer of hope.


I ask myself, why should I care what they say?

For tomorrow is a new and a better day!

With determination and a goal to redeem

I push forward, steadfast on that dream.


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