I have so much to tell you.

But I will take the first step and wake up.

To the real world.

Let me wake to a better world.

A burst of sensation.

I see you now. 

The real you.

You have changed so much.

Has it really been that long?

Have I changed too?

I remember you though. The old you.

My piece of the world that I wanted to keep safe.

I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you when you needed me the most.

I wasn't strong enough to save you from it.

I wasn't fast enough to find you.

And now all I can do is watch.

I watch you go through your life without even looking back at me.

Do you even remember?

How could you forget me?

I can't do anything but watch.

Life goes by and I still see you.

I watch you go through without me.

How could you?

I thought you loved me?

I thought I was your knight?

I thought I was your hero?

I thought wrong.

I guess you don't need me anymore.

But I still need you by my side.

I have lost my purpose without you.

Let me have you again.

Don't let me fade into your shadow.

Don't say good-bye.

I'm sick of good-byes.


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