Once Upon A Poem Scholarship Slam

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Glass Slipper, Apple,  Rose, Needle, Stepmother, Queen, Monster, Witch, What if the fairy tales are messed up?   Glass Slipper, Apple, Rose, Needle, Monster, Stepmother,
It’s a cold and dark night, The last day of the year to be exact, But to the little girl, walking barefoot down the street, It doesn’t seem to matter.
The crimson red stained his fingertips. His vision blurred as he stared at his hands He looked up to see his comrade with a gaping hole in his chest. Horror consumed his soul as he merely stared.  
In a kingdom with high towers and a golden edifice, With houses and docks, and playgrounds for kids, The once golden locks, now brown, of the queen, Flew free over Rapunzel’s serene face, moving with the breeze.  
Once upon a time, as the old tale goes Rapunzel was trapped by a sorceress. She was kept in a tower with no stairs or door, Only a small little window, up up above.
Once upon a time the most beautiful of souls was born by a mother with but one hope in this world, to give birth to a daughter with a heart so pure. And it was so,
"Rapunzel,Rapunzel,let down yourhair."At the time theprince shouted these words,nothing happened.Where was Rapunzel?...The tale startsa while back.A few months ago,
"Sleep on it," sage advice. As I tumble and trip, struggle and rip myself apart from within - anxiety-coated. Caught in sleep, only to wake upon another's idea of what shall save me.
Borderline tight were the clothes he was made to wear. Much was revealed though he didn't much care. All through the house he was mistaken as Asian, Until that afternoon he led to persuasion.
Pinocchio had died in a fire, His body charred and red. His family burned to nothing but ash. He was the only body found dead.   Geppetto was a doctor assigned to the autopsy.
From my first waking hours, I knew I was different   Everyone stared, and laughed, and taunted, Even my own mother made me feel unwanted.   I knew I was different, but why is different wrong?  
It’s dark in here, and full of water I knew I should have made a daughter   It smells like fish and churns with the waves
"So this is love..."   The thought echoes off the caverns of my mind,as cold and empty as the darkened motel room in whichI am grateful I cannot see  
Once upon a time In a land not so far away There lived a man and his wife and their two teenage kids. Hansel and Gretel Had both failed math class And so they decided to take up the issue with their teacher.
Once upon a time there lived Gerda the Gallant. One could also call her Kai’s beloved.   However, she was most accurately known as his hero. And as a temporary yielder of fire.  
once upon a time,  an old woman with wrinkled hands held out an apple. “try it. take a bite.” snow white smiled, shook her head. she pushed the apple away.
Once upon a time  My eyes were once again gazing at the sky  And as a bird flew by I recognized, or I thought it could be a sign  In the dark I was flooded with the memories of feeling cowardice and they were hurting me 
Once Upon a Time, during Cinderella's senior year. She began to ask herself , "What are you going to do with your life dear."   She decided that she would go to a college or university.
Congratulations You’ve made it this far so far And I know you’ve made a lot Of mistakes But I still find reasons To love you because I know you try You have always been there For me
Once upon a time,   There was a princess who lived high in a tower.   Her hair blonde and long--a cut or trim, she never did have.   The prince was determined to save her, with his manly power.
She sits and waits, day after day, Hoping more than rescue will come her way. She’s done with singing to the birds She’s done with trying to climb down She’s done with hope—until a prince comes from the town.
She envied her. The little blonde girl with the silky blue bow in her hair. She had her father's heart and no one else could take it Not even the step-mother herself. For a while, she wed him for his money
I think I’m in love I feel butterflies every time I look at him I get blushing rosy pink cheeks when he smiles at me I feel myself around him
20 mattresses,20 down beds,1 pea,And a princess (me).   A pea is nothing.But when you are sinking into feathersand are pressed to the ceiling-That is when your sleep is uncomfortable feeling.
  Why must it be, that lessons are only learned from classics? Or that fairytales never seem to talk about real human aspects? Maybe Cinderella and the Prince didn't have a happily forever after,
You know the ending of every fairy tale, You learn that the hero gets the princess, You ignore the characters that get sacrificed, The wolf stands alone in the forest, His flowers as his company,
Once upon a timeAfter the ever afterOur princess showsShe surely knowsShe has never felt dafter Her prince has gone with the wind To run off with another misterShe's out of the castle And carries the hassleOf living with her step-sister She says "
Once upon a time, In a land far, far away, There was a grand palace by the sea. It was old, and slightly crumbly,
Disney princess movies in a nutshell: A helpless princess without a brain is trapped in a tower An attractive prince, who somehow found the tower, comes to save the day The hero complex occurs
Every night I look out my window At the tall towers and the bright lights Those beautiful lights But all I can see is what I want
As I gaze upon the stars in the heavens, I began to wish for a dream that's pleasent. A dream that I'm the not-so-strange girl who finds a prince who's not so arrogant and dances in a twirl.
Taken from his mother.He had the power to wishbut with a swishhe was stolen by another.  Raised in isolation,receiving all he needed,with his life, he proceeded. Then there came a realization. The cook who raised himwas wicked and afraid,for the b
Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed Off A Wall Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall Onto a Trampoline All the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men Weren't invited to Humpty Dumpty's party again  
Father’s Eyes   
Once upon a time, trekking through the forest was a beauty with brains- they called her Belle.  She came upon a Prince- pulchritudinous beyond perfection.  They walked, waltzed, and won their way to the other's heart.
Once upon a time, trekking through the forest was a beauty with brains- they called her Belle.  She came upon a Prince- pulchritudinous beyond perfection.  They walked, waltzed, and won their way to the other's heart.
“You aren’t listening to me!” Little Red yelled at her mom. “That is not how you are supposed to be! Now make your mother proud and stop trying to leave me.” Big Red yelled back.
How important is the Dream, and in each story it is a common theme.   Cinderella was looking for a better life, while Prince Charming was hunting for a wife. Ariel just wanted to explore,
Snow White must of been on crack, To be at the arms of a stranger and take that fruity snack In those shoes, how could Cinderella even walk?
I was the final descendant, the last of my kind.   Our bones were built of bread, our enemies in tiny Bits in our bellies, their taste bitter.  
Once upon a time...There lived an ogre in the clouds. He had all the money in the world from a golden hen, He had the loviest music in the world from a golden harp.
It's been 40 long years since I was cursed, most consider my plight better than worse. But, if they knew the price that I paid, I know that their views would have been swayed.
Once upon a time In a land not so far away Lived a red haired boy   who thought he could fly So he tried and tried Until one day he died And was brought to a world, Some call Neverland.  
Prince Charming. Prince, and yes, oh so charming. A beautiful face, and winning smile. Light reflects well from his pearlescent fangs. A dashing grin with the power to blind, The power to drain,
Cinderella knew her wealth wouldn’t last For when the market crashed At the mercy of the dollar Her blue dress became a blue collar.  
“The castle is a prison”, she once mused, “For ones as foolish as myself”, thought she, The peasants might be famished and abused “But royal courts are not suited for me”
Over the hills and through the woods,  by the bank of the creek, Little Red Riding Hood stopped to take a drink. The water was scummy and warmish and slow,  and on the bank, red mushrooms did grow. 
Who has heard of the story of half the female in her fishy glory? Who won back a trident, while remaining silent.   Their story is long, filled with plenty o song.
I await in my tower waiting for him Day by day And night by night I wait   I watch the sun rise and the sun set
One upon a time there was a girl with hair of gold She was locked away in a dark tower, or so I'm told. But the truth is, Rapunzel did not want to go outside The last time that Gothel asked her to go out, she cried.
Come children, gather round Listen to this tale with a twist Once in a kingdom under the sea, There lived a king and queen quite fair They had seven girls and a young son
The ugly duckling was no fun This is why he had no-one. We didn’t want him to stay with us Because all he would do was make a fuss.   The Ugly duckling seems in tales to be forced out.
When the clock struck twelve, The woman ran away Prince Charming went following, Confused by the display But on his way to stop her, The prince went tumbling down He'd tripped on a glass slipper,
Once upon a time; Don't you get tired of that old rhyme? As soon as you hear it, You know a what has been written.
Stories of princesses are told across the land far and wide Little ones’ eyes light up to the words once upon a time So let me tell you right now, I’ll shout it loud and clear
alice was the daughter of a senator and a socialite. campaign trails were her cradle, media scandals her bottle. the perfect family, blonde-haired, blue-eyed,
Once upon a time, there was a kiss that changed the world A lovestruck prince kissed the sleeping princess and broke the seven year curse cast upon the land
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