Classic or Realistic?

Sat, 07/15/2017 - 00:09 -- aruiz15


Why must it be, that lessons are only learned from classics?

Or that fairytales never seem to talk about real human aspects?

Maybe Cinderella and the Prince didn't have a happily forever after,

Instead they chatted for a bit and after one bad date, they began to scatter. 

Life isnt always a happy ending 

You have to deal with the events that you may not be good at comprehending. 

Fairytales just speaks of love and marriage

Not the death nor any heritage.

In my fairytale i'd write about the browns and the blacks

And little girls who gains their independence back.


Because fairytales should be more than classics 

They should be full of lessons and not with fake role models that end up as plastics.


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