When Fairy Tales are messed up

Thu, 08/31/2017 - 02:53 -- klin

Glass Slipper, Apple, 

Rose, Needle,

Stepmother, Queen,

Monster, Witch,

What if the fairy tales are messed up?


Glass Slipper, Apple,

Rose, Needle,

Monster, Stepmother,

Witch, Queen,


Will Cinderalla fall in love with the Monster?

Will Snow White become the cinder?

Will Belle be cursed by the witch?

Will Aurora run into the forset chasing by the Queen?


Cinderalla find out the prince is the Monster,

She run away, from the fear,

Her slipper fall off,

By force, living with the Monster,

Soon she fall in love with the Monster,

When the true love comes,

Monster returns back to prince.


Snow White stuck in her house,

Cleaning up,


Day after days,

She found an apple and hide it,

Prince come looking for the apple,

As the reward, she become the princess.


Belle run into a castle,

Looking and searching,

Cariousity, touches the rose in the glass,

Good night, my princess

Until the day, the prince come,

Kisses her.


Aurora living in the house,

Old lady who give her the sewing machine,

Cariousity, she touches the needle,

The poison goes into her body,

In the funeral, the prince come with a kiss,

Taking her away.



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