The Signing Mermaid

Who has heard of the story

of half the female in her fishy glory?

Who won back a trident,

while remaining silent.


Their story is long,

filled with plenty o song.

The story would end at the shoreline,

if they both knew how to sign


American Sign Language.

And the story would be over, chance is.

Ariel could sign "The voice of the mermaid was mine"

And Eric would say, "Okay fine." 


A total of ten minutes,

And we could all go about our business.

Cut the sea witch, cut the eels,

cut Ariel battling with heels.


Cut the daddy-daughter bonding,

and Ursula's creepy stalking.

The story would be over

No need for a hostile takeover

Of the sea.


I see

this story continued needlessly.

Maybe not with hand waving,

just handwriting in the sand, engraving 


But Disney needs money

and children don't find Ariel dying chummy.

So they make a five-minute movie an hour

while the milk I left out sours.


Does that make sense?

I sense

this poem has hit a fence.

So for your expense

I dispense 

of the poem that misrepresents 

The Little Mermaid.


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