Once upon a time

In a land not so far away

Lived a red haired boy  

who thought he could fly

So he tried and tried

Until one day he died

And was brought to a world,

Some call Neverland.


He isn’t the only one here

And he now lives without fear

He has a gang of boys who once got lost.

Trying to find their way back home,

But ended up here instead.

He has a pal, in a girl

Who always had a fascination with fairies

So much that one day,

Her loud mouth temper carried her 

Right here.


There’s a man too

Who once had a kid,

Then disaster struck

And he ran out of luck

He grew so sad that he even cut off his own hand.

Spent the rest of his life trying to prevent kids from having fun

Just so they wouldn’t end up like his son.


His boy landed here in Neverland too

But he never acted the same

Not since he saw his fathers severed hand

He knew he couldn’t spend his second chance

Playing it safe

Listening to whatever his father had to say

While his father tried to keep him tamed

And make all the kids play the same

This red headed boy that had always wanted to fly

Finally found his reason why.


He wanted freedom

He wanted respect

Yet he wanted to be kid

He could see that his father wanted a young man

But he knew he can never be that.

He came up with a plan,

To show his bewildered father

That kids can take care of each other.

So, he flew and flew

Until one day he saw while passing through,

A girl.


A girl telling stories

Kissing he brothers good night

Before she turned out the light.

This red headed boy knew that she was the one

To prove to his dad that kids can have fun


And who might you ask is this young boy.

Well that answer is easy,

On a day when there is not a cloud in the sky

You might see him flying by

And if you can

Then there right there

Is young

Peter Pan.


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