His Hero Made of Fire

Tue, 08/15/2017 - 22:48 -- Vantail

Once upon a time there lived Gerda the Gallant.

One could also call her Kai’s beloved.  

However, she was most accurately known as his hero.

And as a temporary yielder of fire.  

Kai and Gerda’s story wasn’t one with a flowery path.

That was made impossible by the Snow Queen.

The heartless sovereign,

Reaper of souls,

And the woman who knew no tears.

Gerda ran towards the Queen’s kingdom,

Sacrificing everything she had just to get to Kai.

She couldn’t believe he had gone off with the Queen.

And her misfit crew of spurious minions.

The Queen was unfairly beautiful, and a complete stranger.

How could Kai leave her and go off with the Queen?

She believed she could thaw his icy heart.

With the icy prick of death, her Kai had been changed

And now she had no choice but to play his hero.

With each step, her coldness ebbed away

As fire melted her heart and inspired determination.

But she knew he wouldn’t last in the Snow Queen’s palace.

And so she ran, the snow burning at her wake.

She turned to the heavens and asked for an inferno.

To melt this place and bring back color

Of love, hate, and her favorite fruits.

Why should the Snow Queen get to have all the fun?

She had taken Kai and now she would be taking him back.

As she ran, the air grew warmer as fire enveloped the scenery.

The palace guards drew their weapons to no avail.

She found herself face to face with the Snow Queen.

“My blazing child, why have you come?” The Queen inquired.

“To get Kai back, old hag!” Fire ignited from all directions.

The Queen was melting

And faux tears streaked down her face when Kai emerged.

“I know you put a spell on him. Bring him back!”

“There’s nothing I can do now. Please stop this at once or he’ll die here with me.”  

The fire kept growing and the Queen kept shrinking.

“My Queen!” Kai ran to her side.

Gerda’s heart burned and the fire subsided to a dull crackle.

The Queen was a mess and Kai was about to kiss her!

She had to break the spell.

She used her remaining fire and grabbed Kai from the Queen.

She kissed him and with hearts blazing

She broke the spell.

The fire evaporated back into the heavens

And all the snow was gone. Including the Queen.

She was holding Kai steadily on the ground

When his eyes opened.

No longer a piercing blue, but a warmer shade.

“Ger-Gerda?” You’ve thawed my heart.”

“You’re very welcome. Now you owe me for the rest of your life.”

“Guess I’ll have to marry you then.”

The fires danced and color returned to the kingdom

As the hero and her beloved shared a passionate kiss. 


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