Snow White and Her Seven Demons

Tue, 08/29/2017 - 20:11 -- Aliciam

Once upon a time the most beautiful of souls was born

by a mother with but one hope in this world,

to give birth to a daughter with a heart so pure.

And it was so,

and the mother held her daughter so close to her chest,

their hearts connected and a bond of love and innocence was forged,

and by that a powerful force was formed

that brought warmth and life in this cold and dying world.

The daughter’s heart was full of such compassion,

with not one speck of greed,

so the mother named her Snow White because with faith she believed her name she’ll succeed.

As Snow White grew, the beauty in her heart exceeded outwardly

and not one part of her proved to be cowardly,

she was brave and bold just the way she was taught to be.

But then she was hit with the unexpected

and a flood of emotions rushed over her so uncontrollably;

she was left there trying to figure out how to live the rest of her life

without the most important part of it by her side.

See, her mother became ill and passed on from this life,

but she kept her sickness from Snow White,

because she didn’t want to steal away her joy of simply just being a child.

And then Snow White’s perfectly pieced heart scattered abroad like ashes blown with the wind,

because when her mother died so did a piece of her heart.

Now she walks around with her head hung down,

kicking at the ground every time her head is overwhelmed,

from emotions and thoughts of what is and what ought.

The other kids don’t understand her so she feels alone and lost.

Her head is spinning as she’s in the middle of the crowd,

feeling like she is being ridiculed,

feeling like she stands out,

and feeling like she is being talked about by every laughing mouth.

She’s panicking now, her breath is hard to catch, and she runs for it.

Home sweet home, home not so sweet,

her father works a lot and her house is empty.

She grabs the mirror and shakes it violently,

trying to find something better but she hates what she sees.

She picks up what pieces of herself she can and runs for it again.

Running from reality,

trying to escape her surroundings,

she’s running so fast it feels as if she could take flight.

Past each traffic stop light,

past each honking car horn that’s enraged by her recklessness,

she’s almost there;

She can see the forest!

And the beauty of the colored leaves

calling her ever so sweetly,

she’s there,

she breathes in the air;

and then pushes off the trees to take her further to nowhere.

She feels as if her lungs are about to give out and she collapses to the ground all sprawled out,

she’s happy now.

She closes her eyes and becomes one with the night

until the sun breaks through the leaves,

and as she awakens she’s relieved.

It’s just her without the noise of the world,

it’s just her with the serenity of the forest,

with the chirping of the birds and the squirrels that play tag without a care in the world.

She strolls in peace along with the breeze

and for a moment feels as she did when her mother was alive.

And as she fights these memories

she feels as if something like an apple is stuck in her throat,

she starts to grieve

and realizes she is running away from a lot more than she knew to be.

Here it all comes flooding again,

she thought she was done with it but it’s just the beginning,

and her personality again is changing into this darkness, that rules her and leaves her stripped of her integrity.

Anger, depression, self-worth, and anxiety,

they all stream along in a united tune,

that lead her astray from her values.

And as if the weight of these weren’t enough,

she is constantly taunted by fear, distrust, and misguided love.

She is afraid of failure and she is afraid of success,  

she is afraid of the unknown,

and it leaves her paralyzed and motionless.

And when she looks in that mirror and hates what she sees,

these seven demons unravel love and all that it means.

She throws her hands up on her head, drops to her knees, and begins to scream;

she starts fighting for her inner peace.

She struggles and fights till there is no fight left,

remolding every detail on life the mirror has shed.

Every emotion felt from every memory replayed in her head is validated;

So her anger she releases,

as she pounds her fists against the ground,

her screams echo off her tears every time she belts it out.

Digging her fingernails into the earth,

her tears as running more shamelessly now;

As she allows herself to feel everything she’s managed to shut out.

She lifts the pressure that has a hold, by unwinding the depression that’s threatening her soul.

All of her struggling sends her head spinning,

out of control.

As her vision begins to blur, she sees a glimpse of her mother’s face,

and in that moment everything stops, into the forest floor she faints.

She’s a child again, and her mother grabs her hands,

twirls her around,

and they dance

to the sound of the rustling leaves.

They’re singing, laughing, and completely at peace.

As her mother looks at her, she sees her own strength mirrored in her eyes,

and in that moment, grasped the power she holds inside.

She finds the beauty within herself,

the beauty within her life.

Everything fades to black, and with rekindled hope,

she opens her eyes.

Its quiet;

All the animals have come out from their hiding,

gathered around Snow White,

waiting, silent.

She’s found the courage she needs.

No more frantic thoughts, brought on from anxiety.

She’s free.

Her demons subside,

as she takes control she gives off a subtle smile,

For now she is covered in the innocence and love,

in which she once was clothed.

And all that the she gained

from all of her pain,

she humbly gives to help a world learn to live freely the way she did.  



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