Hansel and Dreadful

Once upon a time

In a land not so far away

There lived a man and his wife and their two teenage kids.

Hansel and Gretel

Had both failed math class

And so they decided to take up the issue with their teacher.

Being truly troublesome

And just a tiny bit mean

They cast a spell to banish her to a candy cottage in the forest.

Their plan was perfect

And their teacher was forever gone

But then their mother found out and something had to be done.

So they took their mother

Out on a little trip

And fed her to their witchy math teacher.

The father knew

That something was wrong

And turned to the kids' guidance counselor to help.

The two hatched a plan

To rid themselves of the kids

By feeding them to the very monster they had created.

So they took the kids

On a walk through the forest

Making sure they had no way back home.

Their plan was perfect too

But the kids were smart

And before long they will be getting their revenge.




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Our world


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