Rumpelstiltskin's Story

It's been 40 long years since I was cursed,

most consider my plight better than worse.

But, if they knew the price that I paid,

I know that their views would have been swayed.


A family I had, a wife, three kids,

within them my happiness hid.

Had I realized this fact sooner,

I might have been able to save their future.


A greedy man I was, in terms of gold,

so much so, one night I left my household.

An enchantress was the one I sought,

to give me a gift that couldn’t be bought.


For in life, I was known as a spinster,

to alter that gift, I must have convinced her.

She allowed my hands to now spin gold,

but the price she chose I couldn't control.


I thought my happiness would lie in this gift,

so from me, my family she ripped.

When I returned home, the scene I saw,

they all lie dead on their still- warm bedstraw.


For years I got all I ever wanted,

but by memories of the past I was haunted.

A job in the kingdom I decided to take,

for a possible chance to change my fate.


One night as I stalked the silent halls,

I heard a young maiden start to bawl.

I entered the room and had a thought,

within a few seconds I devised a plot.


I would do her work, and save her life,

And take my payment when she became a wife.

At first I was paid jewelry compiled,

when she had nothing left I demanded a child.


She unknowingly agreed to my terms,

without knowing that I would later return.

The king soon took her as his own,

and I eagerly waited, all alone.


A new family I would soon be given,

and a new life I would soon be livin’.

Just as I hoped she soon grew fat,

and i prayed that this plan wouldn’t fall flat.


When my child finally arrived,

I felt my life was ultimately revived.

I went to go collect my prize,

but i recognized the look in the maiden’s eyes.


It was a look of despair,

that she was to lose her only heir.

A deal I soon made to give some hope,

and to let this new mother be able to cope.


A name I was given at birth, so peculiar,

to discover it, I tasked this young ruler.

If she was able, her child would stay,

But if she couldn't I would take it away.


Three days time was my given date,

within it, I would know my fate.

The first two days she guessed names a plenty,

the amount totalled over two- thousand and twenty.


My suffering was soon to be compensated,

so that last night around my fire I celebrated.

Unbeknownst to me, I had a guest,

who heard the name that I rashly confessed.


The next morning when I faced the queen,

I noticed her eyes held a different gleam.

The third name she guessed, Rumplestiltskin,

within that moment I experienced a tailspin.


I couldn’t live this solitary existence,

so my life I took, without resistance.



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