In Distress

Fri, 07/21/2017 - 22:22 -- Rederp8

She sits and waits, day after day,

Hoping more than rescue will come her way.

She’s done with singing to the birds

She’s done with trying to climb down

She’s done with hope—until a prince comes from the town.



Eyes lock

A connection

A fire.

The prince dodges the dragon’s breath and attacks with a trepidatious passion fueling him.

You know how it goes. But maybe not that slain dragons make for excellent staircases.


The space between the couple rapidly diminishes;

As they draw in close to that perfect kiss

All their minds can think of is

This is it—here it is.

The horse waits, along with the sunset

The end; but it’s not over yet.


There is something our prince isn’t revealing,

Something that hides behind more than his shiny metal armor.

What it is only you know.

You and the maiden have much in common.


They’ll find out soon enough,

When the neurochemicals subside

When charming doesn’t really live up to his name

When beauty turns out to be more like a beast.

Much like the damsel, the prince has his own towers of solitude

—and who will rescue him from his dragon?

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Our world


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