Envy of the Evil Step-Mother

She envied her.

The little blonde girl with the silky blue bow in her hair.

She had her father's heart and no one else could take it

Not even the step-mother herself.

For a while, she wed him for his money



She fell for him.

Oh, how she had fallen.

He wouldn't look at her anymore

Not even on his death bed

All because of her.


As the little girl grew,

the evil step mother began to see the father in her

She loathed it with a passion burning like a forest fire.

The hatred inside of her grew and grew for the blonde

Until one day, the step-mother couldn't take it.


She abused her

Through barking orders, having her do chores, making her a servant.

She made sure the once little blonde girl became her slave

To make up for all of the pain she caused the step mother

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