Mother Knows Best

In a kingdom with high towers and a golden edifice,

With houses and docks, and playgrounds for kids,

The once golden locks, now brown, of the queen,

Flew free over Rapunzel’s serene face, moving with the breeze.


The meeting she had just had with Corona’s guards,

Had left her shaken up and downcast.

A robbery had occurred, and had left pain and hurt behind,

And so, she left the room - with that her queen’s façade.


Observing her home, her looks might have looked calm,

And yet her soul, heart, and mind, resembled an unruly fire.

Her mind was screaming Corona was plagued with bad

That ruffians, disaster, and crimes covered her land.


Her parents had mentioned otherwise.

Life was simple and good, a forevermore sunrise,

A place where the only red was from the dusk’s skies,

And too much happiness was what created the only cries.


She knew of her parents’ words being true and right,

But the feeling in her heart could not calm her mind.

She had grown with a pure golden soul,

Thus, seeing sadness unravel made her lose control.


Her husband, Eugene, mentioned it was her past,

Being locked away did not allow her to see life,

In her high tower, she could not see the bad,

In that moment, the only think she knew was the lie.


And yet, even then, even now, years away from that,

She could not help but think her past mother was right.

“Mother” had mentioned she was only a sprout,

And Rapunzel had never felt more like a child.


“But this is not my end” Rapunzel thought, hope lightening her face,

The beginning of her story, her growing, started at the end.

Once upon a time, her mother did know best,

But Rapunzel had a life time to prove she could learn.


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