Cinderfella Dressed In Yellow

Wed, 08/23/2017 - 23:46 -- CmanPro

Borderline tight were the clothes he was made to wear.

Much was revealed though he didn't much care.

All through the house he was mistaken as Asian,

Until that afternoon he led to persuasion.

"Hear me, child for the club has litten,"

But all he could do was stare at the old man's black kitten.

"Would you rather stay and be beaten senseless by those damned fools?

The same step-brothers that present themselves as tools?"

Much to his agony Cinderfella was lost

Lost in thought at what this offer might cost.

The old man transformed Fella's corset and heels,

His tattered hair and fixed his ordeals.

By the time the old man was done Fella become no other.

And to the club where he rode his own two step-brothers.


This is a story of revenge and doubt.

A quick little snippet of how this story could've turned out.

If Cinderella was a man, a fella dressed in yellow,

Who became a prince on the streets of Monticello.

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