Cinderella's Retold Tale

Stories of princesses are told across the land far and wide

Little ones’ eyes light up to the words once upon a time

So let me tell you right now, I’ll shout it loud and clear

You shouldn’t believe every little once upon a time you hear


You see my name is Ella and I’m here to tell the truth

To enlighten my honest story upon the elder and the youth

I am still a princess, of that I will always be sure

But you should know I don’t want a prince, I truly do love her


The girl I speak of is fair as any; her beauty shines for all

White like snow, the land she roams, singing to the large and small

The animals are her best friends; the queen is her enemy

So she lives in a cottage with the seven dwarves right next door to me


I see her out my window every morning and every night

As I clean the cinders and the cobwebs, mopping the dust bites

My evil stepmother calls for me to make their dinner

So I say goodbye to the beauty outside my window


But one day I tried to call her name, to tell her how I feel

My evil stepmother over heard and to her my words did not appeal

So she closed the window and put the key inside of her silk pocket

Then she screamed of the monster in me and  locked me in the closet


She rewrote my story to society’s liking

Sold it for money and hired a Viking

They called him the henchman, or so they say

And he tried to chase Snow White away


I heard her scream and panicked in a hurry

As Jaq and Gus began to scurry

They slid under the door and grabbed one of my hair pins

And I picked the lock like a true heroine


Long story short, the ever after was lived so very happily

That is with Snow White and I, not with the Prince and me

I now wake up each morning to the lovely sound of her voice

So I write this to tell you all across the land that love is not a choice 


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