Cinderella (The Divorcee)

Prince Charming.
Prince, and yes, oh so charming.
A beautiful face, and winning smile.
Light reflects well from his pearlescent fangs.
A dashing grin with the power to blind,
The power to drain,
The power to inflict pain.

Sharp wit,
Sharp tongue,
Sharp tone.
I fled one viper’s reign,
But volunteered for another’s.
A snake, a vampire, and a lover.

What’s a girl to do?
I love him.
I gave, and gave, and gave, and give.
There is no more of me for him.

Charmed into his bed,
Charmed inside my head.

Behind his fair façade there are cracks.
Cracks that spread from himself to me.
I have contracted his disease.

Our palace was built on faulty foundation,
And I have left this thing we built.
He loved my looks,
And I his,
We judged each other by our covers.

And as I walk away from our sick love,
I know that we’ll do better.
No one ever warned us that our happily ever-after,
May not be together.


(Formerly Charming)


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