The little merboy

Come children, gather round

Listen to this tale with a twist

Once in a kingdom under the sea,

There lived a king and queen quite fair

They had seven girls and a young son

The little boy, whose name was Nikolas,

Loved the mysterious surface dwellers

His sister, Areial, agreed that they looked cute with their little feet


One night, Nikolas decided to see what 

The surface was like under the stars

As he came to the surface,

he heard the most inhumane sounds coming from the shore

As he drew closer,he saw it was a woman wailing,"my son! my son! where are you my sun and stars?!"

The woman was holding a lantern swinging it across the sea

Searching for the son who would neer return


For several days he did this, watching this mysterious woman wailing for her long-lost son

On the seventh day, his heart was so filled with sadness that he decided to help her

He went to Ursela and made a deal with her to become the woman's son

The catch? He would lose his childhood years and forget he was ever a merperson

Though hesitant, he agreed and was transformed into eightteen-year-old prince Eric


His family was never the same when they found out what Nikolas did

Areial never gave up hope of finding her younger brother and reminding him of who he was

When he was shipwrecked, she saved him and sang to him

All in hopes of reminding him of who he was


When he awoke, the spell was not broken!

So, Areial spent her days searching for Ursela 

Wanting her to reverse this curse

Little did she know, Ursela had married her brother

She was now the ruler of both land and sea.....





This poem is about: 
Our world



This is so amazing! I adore how it's a merboy instead of the usual girl. You have

such an amazing talent to be able to take a tale like this and turn it into 

something original and beautiful, Well said, keep up the amazing work.


Thank you so much! It means the world to read this

I will keep up my work and u keep up yours too

be blessed and encouraged

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