The Prince's Cinderella Story

Sat, 06/03/2017 - 21:54 -- FZM2000

When the clock struck twelve,

The woman ran away

Prince Charming went following,

Confused by the display

But on his way to stop her,

The prince went tumbling down

He'd tripped on a glass slipper,

And hurt his precious crown

Prince Charming sat upset,

Had he done something wrong?

All he had was a slipper,

His love interest was gone

The ball continued raging,

No close t'was coming to

Prince Charming sat disheartened,

Till he further saw the shoe

The thing was rather shiny,

Quite elegant and sleek

He looked 'round for a moment,

Kicked his dress shoes off his feet

And slid the slipper on, and, well

The fit was rather snug

Right then, Prince knew he loved high heels

And quit his search for love!


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