King Arthur: A Hero's Beginning

Once upon a time 

My eyes were once again gazing at the sky 

And as a bird flew by I recognized, or I thought it could be a sign 

In the dark I was flooded with the memories of feeling cowardice and they were hurting me 

So did I have the power or the skill inside to take a leap, to grab the ulitmate dream


I thought life was so pointless, or atleast it felt that way

Wishing for the day to come, when will it show up?

Waiting for my fire to arise 

There has to be someone, or something, a moment no one can deny

Even though my fate's been decided

I'll embrace my ignorance


So I screamed; slay the doubt that's always been abusing 

It's taking over, the fire that's burning

Bravely I will roar from the bottom of my heart

A hero's role is one that cannot be forsaken 

Healing those whose hearts have been broken

I'll be your savior, no one's going to crush you again

Going to raise the sword with a clenching grip

Charging towards the path before me



This poem is about: 
Our world


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