Her Not So Prince Charming

Once upon a time, as the old tale goes

Rapunzel was trapped by a sorceress.

She was kept in a tower with no stairs or door,

Only a small little window, up up above.


As the years passed she tried her best to not be bored

But alone in her tower, there wasn’t much.

She sang and danced, especially read.

She dreamed of a life of fairytale,

Where she found her prince charming

Who saved her from hell.


Soon enough the sorceress grew tired,

Rapunzel moaned and wept over her supposed happy ever after.

In return she handed her a phone,

With a single application which she claimed would give her all.


Rapunzel stared in disbelief,

Amazed that all her dreams were now in reach.

She opened the phone and saw the lone app

“Tinder” is what it was called.


She made an account and did all that needed to be done,

From pictures to bio to swiping right.

Time after time she was met with dismay,

Only fuckboys who wanted to play.


Soon again she grew bored of the same old lines,

Of the proposition to “Netflix and Chill.”

Until one day she met a young man,

who spoke to her in a manner that wasn’t ill.


They talked and talked of what life could be,

From dawn to dusk it was all she could see.

Her life could be like a fairytale,

He was her prince charming that saved her from hell.


She begged the sorceress for her release,

Seeing more than Rapunzel could

She realized he was not her destiny.

And on that note, she set her free.


For weeks Rapunzel and the young man were together.

Although she was happy there was something wrong,

She wasn’t sure what it could be.

Her happy ever after did not turn out how it would seem.


She was scared to move any faster,

Their relationship status still not defined.

She loved spending time with him and talking on and on

But she wasn’t sure this was true love.

It didn’t feel the way fairy tales made it seem.


When she finally told him what she perceived

He was sullen and sad and couldn't believe,

That the girl that he loved and him weren’t meant to be.

Nevertheless, he stayed

Even though she would never be his bae.


With his kindness and love he supported her

When she decided to leave in search of what could be.

She wandered and strayed in any direction

Ready to find her fairytale ending.


One bright and sunny day she heard the sound of music.

She followed the sound to a closed path,

But there were people on floats and dancers all around.

She finally saw a sign, it read “Pride.”


It was a distance away from the main town,

She was confused but happy of what she found.

Here she met nice and kind people,

Who spoke to her of their true love.


Although not all girls found their prince charming,

Nor the guys their princess

They all seemed happy nonetheless.


From that moment on it all became clear,

All that she read may not be her fate.

Her life may be no fairytale,

She did not need to be saved by a prince charming,

This was her life and she could do as she pleased.


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