Cinderella Did What?

Once Upon a Time,

during Cinderella's senior year.

She began to ask herself , "What are you going to do with your life dear."


She decided that she would go to a college or university.

Her stepmother and stepsisters laughed at her diversity.


Cinderella's evil stepmother and wicked stepsisters told her "You are not smart enough." and "You will not get a degree".

That was the day, Cinderella knew she had to flee.


Prince Charming Unviversity is the college that Cinderella was determined to attend.

And when her classes started, her knowledge started to extend.


Cinderella learned that Prince Charming University was the love of her life.

The college memories she created would always be embedded in her brain even in the afterlife.


She graduated from college and was tremendously enthusiastic.

She had the career that she had planned which caused her life to be extremely fantastic.


Every girl, young or old, is a Cinderella at heart.

So ladies plan your future, go to college, and turn your life into a piece of art.


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