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You say you love me but you’re notYou say you’re going to fight and give it all you gotYou say you find it hard to breatheYou say you’re mad at me but I’m the one who seethes
When I picture you. I see you in black and white.The sun is just breaking the day and your shuffling down the sidewalk in your usual manner.Drumming your fingers along the side of some graffiti stained building.
When I picture you. I see you in black and white.The sun is just breaking the day and your shuffling down the sidewalk in your usual manner.Drumming your fingers along the side of some graffiti stained building.
We are all searching Searching for that special someone Someone who will be there and stick with us Stick with us when times are tough Stick with us when times are great. I met that someone.
Spinning round and around. Never knowing when it will all stand still. Never knowing when everything will at once make sense. So I wait. I lay awkake at night, not from the nightmares
I Dream of the moments I could spend with you the love we could share But slowly my dreams corrupt bringing me closer and closer To reality you were never my light at the end You were my broken promise you are something To me but I'm nothing to
Blue, clear skies where the fairest of the flock is marching alongside the wind Purplish black thunder clouds singing with immense bass, while lightening dances to every note Your smile makes me smile, your embrace is my shield
Some words will never be heard, but it doesn’t mean that they will go unsaid.   It is in the speaking of the word, not the hearing, that the word comes alive.  
The intensity of every beat of my heart electrifies when we depart. You have been gone for so many years over this time I shed so many tears.   This emptinessI feel in my chest
Everyday it's the same thing I look at you- you look at me, We laugh at all the craziness  around us I text you " Hey " or " i just seen the  funniest thing and it made me think  about you '
You have become an anonymous figure synonymous with: lean lines and shallow dips,Hard firm muscles and sexy dark lips.
Games of the heart are not easily won. Is there victory when the battle is done? Loss of blood will occur on both sides.
I just wanna go back Cause I feel like I’m in a trap I swear it felt like a heart attack Like I fell off track
I think about how we used to be Then I get stuck in my misery I still remember the way you used to look at me & how all those feelings came free  But now things will never be the same
 I don’t need to say how you make me feel
  Another one gone It's a girl...
I have given you everything. Now I feel as if everything that I have given you Is being thrown away.
This life comes with so many demands..but it seem as if you  lost your understanding of being a man..but how can you be that which you have never had in your life..a man that can show or tell you the difference betwe
I loved her more than she ever knew Went so far I didn’t know what to do It was above and beyond how much I cared So amazing the times we shared I must confess
I try to move on but I can'tI try to move on but I can 
The ruler of universal pain and pleasure, you are I whimper with dread because you'd never understand I fear mediocrity of this poem But it must be said, in order for me to do But life exists without you
                Another day, once again         I have lost another man         Someone I thought was oh so true         Found out he had another love or two         How dare him!? How could he waste our years?
Blood is pumped by the heartThe heart that beats with rhythmRhythm of the streetThe street where we grew upGrew up and grew apartApart from the worldThe world and each other of course
Setting myself free might of been the answer to my conflicted mind sunsets ago, but somehow I forgot that freedom comes with a price.
I thought I heard your voice last sunday the raspy tone I know all too well I thought I saw your soul last sunday running along where the spirits dwell
Buring memories. Right when memories began,the crazy things we had planned.Playing around just us two,having fun as young kids do.Laughing at the stuff we say,remembering back to yesterday.
Faith is believing To trust without receiving Though after all is said and done I hope I won’t be left with none I work and work to fill that void To fix that part of me you destroyed
it was fate that brought me to this spot, looking down the dirt road where my heart was caught by the swirling winds of your love. the memories play like a movie in slow motion. reversing time and going back to that day.
The connection. The look in your eyes. The way you said you loved me, I miss all that. Others told me to stay away, said you were no good. I refused to believe, and fell for you. I fell for your smile, your voice, your caing words.
I try to go to you,When I need to talk.But instead of listening all the way throughYou decide to walk.I try to let you know how I feelBut no matter what is said
Where did the old me go?The one who didn't cry every night?The one who never disappointed anyone.The one who loved everything.The one who always had a smile?
When a raindrop falls from the dark sky above A tiny voice calls, in the distance looking for love You can hear the thunder, lightning flashes in her eyes Her body six feet under, trapped alone her soul cries
Bewitchingly beautiful With luscious red lips, A waterfall of gold curls, and eyes the color of a chameleon
Suspended by your invisible locksRetrained from my own powerLosing my breath with every"Stop, I cannot, I cannot"But I cannot go awayChoking me with your invisible armsDrowning me with my own Niagra falls
There was a time when innocence was my first name. I was worry free and had so much to look forward to. Little did I know that when I met you, my whole world was about to change. You taught me so much,
I'm so lost with you that I can do without you One day I'll forget you like I never even knew you Go away, disappear I'll no longer shed these tears
in this endless confusion of wonder oh i wonder, i do wonder where your heart beats where this love meets how can i believe that we were meant to be if you aren't even here with me? left to wait
We stumbled into love in September So, we belong to autumn Therefore our hearts must fall. And after months of sun kissing those summer rays become colder Nights are stretching Fear creeps into my sheets,
but i could leave my eyes and lips shut close and still my secrets would whisper from my soul for inner and outer of me you know my lover. my keeper. mine.
This stuff I say or do isn't meant for you to feel a certain way, it's for me to get my feelings off so I can brighten my day. I let my feeings overcome me into having a small heart that can no longer beat. I cry day and night.
Through those haunted eyes The darkness is flowing See the other side The moon no longer glowing Why won’t you listen? Love Loss Why? All that’s left is to die.
For those of you who stare at me, gleaming at my brilliance, all you see is the sparkles and glitter, but not the true appearance. And for those who I am speaking to, you are not the ones closest,
Ok listen, I've been a mess since my heart went missing Sitting bedside with my eyes closed wishing We could go back to the nights we don't remember Living the young life saying this would last forever
as we lay sleeping your eyes close and you fall away from me so suddenly behind your eyelids waves crash against the shore rhythmically you hide your inner self in a world (made of sand)
I realize that I'm free from you But in reality, do I want to go? Your love an addiction I could not resist Still suffering from the scars that don't show
There are not enough words in the English language to tell you how Much I love you I look for you in every backward glance In every second guess In the way the sun refuses to stop painting my walls pink
this is for the broken hearted.. i know you feel empty, betrayed, and no happiness at all. you don’t want to laugh because you know it’s not gonna help and you don’t wanna cry because you know it’ll only make you feel worse.
Love is like a rose It starts off fresh, beautiful standing strong, but as the life of it increases the strength decreases the scent begins to sour; peddles begin to wilt. In effort to salvage
Even though I've run it through my mind over and over again I find it damn near impossible to ignore the way I feel within There's the girl I love it's weird because I can't shake the feeling
my angel / my baby / killed in the dead of the night / 7 devils beating him with no mercy / he could only put up so much of a fight / tears came first / then the sadness / then the anger / every bitch that tried to comfort me / just wanted to stra
Friends, they're supposed to be there, Whenever they are needed They are trustworthy and loyal Most of the time But a best friend For who you say I am, They are supposed to help you
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