Setting myself free might of


Setting myself free might of been the answer to my conflicted mind sunsets ago, but somehow I forgot that freedom comes with a price. Stranding you in an unfriendly place with nothing but a replayed cold night, patiently waiting until you realize the suffering will surface slowly and progress on and on. Waves clash within me forcefully drowning me in a sea of doubt and regret.. I don't know why I gave life to my worries- they've just left me in solitary emptiness. Now I confess, I should have thought twice before letting go.. should have known that something about you will forever trigger a weakness within me, something that has not yet escaped my lonesome thoughts that everlastingly sting my heart.  I wake up every morning to a heavy weight in my chest, that sadness trying to gasp for a sense of peace, hoping someday I'll become a slave to a warm sunset than become surrounded by cold unforgiving nights.


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