For Anthony ♥

my angel / my baby / killed in the dead of the night / 7 devils beating him with no mercy / he could only put up so much of a fight / tears came first / then the sadness / then the anger / every bitch that tried to comfort me / just wanted to straight up shank her / acting like they know i'm going through / if they could only step foot in my shoes / they would fold & crumble to the ground / got me talking to myself / asking why were you taken in such a brutal way ? / you were such a perfect angel / never thought that i would live to see the day / we weren't perfect / i'm not hiding / everybody knew it / you beat me / i beat you / but all the beatings / all the hurt / could never add up to make me love you / i knew that you loved me / & you knew that i loved you / i still do / i'll never forget you / your precious laugh / your sweet smile / your angel face / your a soul i could never replace / i wish for just one last time i could run into your arms / hear your comforting voice / telling me you'll protect me from the world's harm / wish that i could hold you / kiss you & hug you & tell you how much i miss you / tears flooded my pillow every night / couldn't stop thinking how my baby was taken by some killers who didn't give a fuck about my life / you had so much going for you / i just don't understand how God could take away such a beautiful man / Tyanna , Alicia & Chasity : they miss their big brother / only thing they had as means as a father / i only wish that i could take their pain away / with each step i take / it gets harder each day / & i'm fucked up i can only imagine your mother's pain / she's stuck in a slump / just staring at the pouring rain / nothing will ever get me through / so i have to except that / because i know there's nothing i can do / no amount of tears will bring you back / but life goes on / you'll always be my baby / cause right i know i know you're looking down / smiling / real proud / watching over me / telling Jesus that's my crazy baby .

i was so sick of crying but the tears wouldn't stop / couldn't stop thinking about how you would always say me & you gon rise to the top / but now you're gone / & that dream is forever lost / staring outside my window / up at the sky / thinking how once you were the boss / you left me / a child without it's blankie / some of the things you did i'll never understand / but now i realize it was all apart of God's plan / & there ain't a thing i can do except get high , sit back & cry / we were gonna get married / have a baby / name him Lil Anthony / but never in my wildest dreams could i see you being taken away from my arms so quickly / your passing has made me strong / it was kind of a blessing in a sick kind of way / i learned how to stand on my own two feet / gave me my wings & flew away / i knew it wasn't your fault / you could've never seen it coming / but i mean common sense , babe / you should of been strapped with something / i hate to speak of you like that / i'm sorry / i should get slapped for that / you was only doing ya brother a favor / the precious angel that you were / they took ya life for what reason ? / didn't even have a cause / i love you so much / tears hitting the paper as i write this shit / can't stand people thinking ours was just a run & hit relationship / fuck that / i could go on & on / but a song can only be so long / a part of me is gone / & i'll never get it back / but you give me courage , boo / something that i never lack / remember when we watched the sun set ? / the ghetto Romeo & Juliet

had me on that obnoxious crying shit / lemme sit back & take another hit / so i can numb the pain / i'm stuck in the pouring rain / kinda got used to the crying / ain't that sad / got me stuck at the pad / waiting for you to come back / looking out my window / waiting for ya truck to pull up / a fake smile during during the day / tears flooded my nights to back it up

i cried for you so much the next day i couldn't even see straight / you would swear i was one of the members from Jodeci / playing the " cry for you " record mad late / it's been hard . but i told God / i'd give my soul / my every last thing / just to be with you / nobody will ever understand what i'm going through / so here's a final kiss , Anthony / i love you , boo


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