Life Exists Without You

The ruler of universal pain and pleasure, you are

I whimper with dread because you'd never understand

I fear mediocrity of this poem

But it must be said, in order for me to do

But life exists without you

I've seen what could be before I met you

The unmeeting of you will remain faded

Tattered, torn, and unrealistic is how I am

Acceptance from you? I wouldn't dare

It wouldn't behoove thee who pushed for a better you

To understand where I come from when I request care

Struck down with rejection, heart out of shape

Suffering blockages, backups, setups for downfalls

I am obese with the past

I run in hopes of losing all backage

Still, my heart holds heavier than it ever was

Request for surgery would only deepen the wound

Bleed me dry of sanity and strength



They'd only relay the side effects of what's to come when night falls

And no one can hear you

The screams, shallowed out like a wave pool

The moon cries to me

I look to it as if it were the enemy that slaughtered my humanity

I resent night fall

By morning the moon still follows my path

The bed in which misery resides calls to me

It's ironic how that's the first place I run when I return

It's a contradiction to run and return

But that's what I do

In hopes of realizing that there's life




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