Tornado Love


United States
38° 40' 24.1572" N, 122° 0' 55.9764" W

they're supposed to be there,
Whenever they are needed
They are trustworthy and loyal
Most of the time
But a best friend For who you say I am,
They are supposed to help you
In any way possible
Be there by your side
Good or bad
No matter if you're on the verge of suicide,
Or on the highest mountain of happiness
I was there
The whole time
When you met her and fell
Fell for this tornado
I was like the weather woman
The one for which most people wake up to watch
I was prepared to help you
When the disaster that is her "love" would come
I warned you this would happen
I told you to keep apart
Not to fall too hard
That the cold ground would hurt when you fell upon it
But you never listened
Now she's out with that same guy
That guy you almost lost me to
He now brought upon this storm
These winds of her change
They've brought upon your destruction
You cry and weep for her
But she doesn't care
Now you sit here
Begging me to help
I've already tried
I kept telling you what to do
I told you
I warned you from the start
You didn't listen
When rumors spin around in her winds
You stand by her side
Even after all the problems she's given you
I tell you what I know
And you ignore my words
You don't want to believe I'm afraid for you
I don't want you to be lost
When she gets bores and looks for a quick, cheap lover
That you'll jump into it quickly
I, your best friend
Want to help
But you won't listen
You won't believe me
She lies to you,
Denying her actions
These actions witnesses saw
Witnesses as in a murder had taken place
You believe her after she snuck around
Even the day after you two were done
You beg and you plea
You want help,
But you won't try
I'm done now
Best friend or not,
I'm not helping you anymore

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