Freeing Forty-Seven

Blue, clear skies where the fairest of the flock is marching alongside the wind

Purplish black thunder clouds singing with immense bass, while lightening dances to every note

Your smile makes me smile, your embrace is my shield

Talking to you as if I am having a conversation by myself

It’s been 4 scores since I last felt this way

Blind with no cane, the unknown surrounds me

A wandering nomad with no destination but always in motion

There was never a future planned with you

You were just that long breath of fresh air after a 4 by 4 relay

Flowers blooming from concrete, so strange and rare but still beautiful

Petals bursting open and screaming “Hello, World”

My spirit now yearns for yours

Your face plays over and over in the movies directed by my thoughts

Barbed wire fences to keep feelings in and loving out

Jailhouse orange is the new trend for the fall

My feelings are forbidden to be formed into words and sentences

They cannot exist

Releasing of the purest and whitest of doves

Let the forbidden fruit grow and ripen for the late harvest

I will let you go

And hopefully one day you will return to me

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