A Young Lost Love


United States
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Ok listen,
I've been a mess since my heart went missing
Sitting bedside with my eyes closed wishing
We could go back to the nights we don't remember
Living the young life saying this would last forever
Late night texting, talking about whatever
you had my heart feeling like a floating feather
I had you on my mind every time I was alone on a cold night in December
You said there was nothing
And I say there was something
I kept my heart because I didn't know if you would want it
Its hard to love again when you're only two weeks sober
It felt like we were just a text, text, and over
And we don't even talk anymore
You hardly even notice when I walk through the door
Its crazy how this even happened to us, thinking about how we used to be free like before
Now its gone...
I don't know what to do
It's a cold world
and I think I'm coming down with the flu
If I changed the hands of time I'd come back just for you
my love was lost and you're the living proof
I'm trying to get away from it all
checking my phone like I'm expecting a call.
Cold drinks and mind half faded slowly starting over and I'm starting with the basics

Check check 1 2
you have a broken heart I say I have one too
like a fresh tattoo
yeah it hurts real good
My fire is burning out time to throw in the wood
from a broken tree,
that was strong as can be.
It was hard to defeat
always on my mind man it's hard to delete!
My throbbing heart goes along with the beat
I know I'm not perfect and it's hard to compete
when you are looking for the one that'll sweep you up off your feet
and it comes and goes
I'm balancing on edge, living west coast
Just waiting to fall one way or another
you wanted my love but I guess I'm not a lover
I should of treated you right, you weren't just a number.
We thought we knew back when we were younger
but we were only dumber
playing silly games like Hunger.
Don't ever think of me if you ever tried to wonder.
I'm okay see, you can hear it start to thunder

Our love was lost
and we never found it
I guess that's how it goes I swear
but I won't forget you

We all got to break loose sometime
I screwed things up but I promise that was one time.
Now I'm sitting at home without a worry in the world while my heart is still singing just waiting for a punch line
Now I'm coasting
someone will come along and like the message I'm posting
living life frankly and take dips in the ocean
my life is black and white because I swear it feels like I'm going through the motions
I'm finished I'm through
I may meet a bunch of girls
but i promise I won't forget you
because you are the reason why I write...
and I want to thank you!


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