Lesson Learned.....


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There was a time
when innocence was my first name.
I was worry free and had so much
to look forward to.
Little did I know that when
I met you, my whole world was about to change.
You taught me so much,
I owe you that much.
Did you not realize that I
gave you my entire life?
And you took it, took me and
broke me down piece by piece.
Unknowing and forgiving,
I gave and gave while you took
all of me.
Not once did I question your actions,
doubt your love.
But when I look back, I find that
you showed me so much.
You taught me the true meaning
of what love is not.
Your mistakes taught me who to
not look for.
But most importantly, you
taught me that I wanted everything
that you are not.
The pain, suffering, heartaches,and tear
taught me that I deserve
so much better than



I am not much of a writer, I never have been. But the recent events in my life have inspired me to write.
I guess it takes a tragedy or maybe a life changing event to change you. I have found that only writing lets me express truly how I feel. Its so hard to simply express it by myself. So writing poetry has helped me deal with my situations in a unique way.

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