Anonymous Figure

You have become an anonymous figure synonymous with: lean lines and shallow dips,Hard firm muscles and sexy dark lips. In my dreams all it seems is to replay the those memories of the times we lay...intertwined together, one leg on top of your other. Cuddling under the covers. Playing footsie with our toes as we face so close, each other's breath tickles the other's nose. Those are the times I like to remember when I lay lonely in the dark. The cold side of the bed a reminder so stark it shocks me out of my reverie back to the isolating reality and harsh honesty of a love taken in all brevity no longer the bubbly feeling of levity. The butterflies are long gone replaced with so called little white lies and the silent intentional misuse of the word goodbye. As I rise my pillow contains the tear drops of the night before, my eyes finally dry as I close memory's door. I guess my wounds are still sore from this constant emotional war probably because I still have feelings for the man I used to adore. It's ironic that no matter how many guys I converse with or flirt with, none comes close to the image of you. Although your face is a blur I can still remember your kiss on my lips and although gone is your presence, I still wish we had the type of relationship, the one where our love was continual and our dreams always came true. But alas this is REALITY and a new day has come. I WILL get over this heartbreak. The thoughts of missing you will be none. Soon you will be overlooked like the stars outshined by the sun!


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