Pain Of My Heart


The intensity of every beat of my heart

electrifies when we depart.

You have been gone for so many years

over this time I shed so many tears.


This emptinessI feel in my chest

thse long nights were I get no rest.

Disappear from me heavy heartfelt memories

I need to take back my mind with no worries.


The time we shared, the love we created,

the promises we made, the monhths we date

are bittersweet reminisces of my many wishes

that will never be fulfilled, no more kisses.


Are we Romeo and Juliet or Bonnie and Clyde?

Was this all a dream? Will I ever be your bride?

I dreamed of love and speechless moments,

the love of Annabel Lee written by a poet.


All is forgotten, all is forgave.

I needed to tell you, I wanted to be brave.

I close my eyes and return back to reality

of the life I live that breaks me brutally.


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