Deep Within

Thu, 05/15/2014 - 06:23 -- DLee21


This life comes with so many demands..but it seem as if you  lost your understanding of being a man..but how can you be that which you have never had in your life..a man that can show or tell you the difference between whats wrong and whats right..but you have always wanted a man apart your life..and that emptiness  has become filled with anger, you find yourself depending on a complete stranger.. because your looking for someone that you can call farther..but you tell yourself why bother so it becomes harder.. you block, lock,  and push out those who come close to you.. Because honestly your missing the love of a mother too.. you been alone in this world that demands so much from you... Lost and looking for love all in the wrong places so many faces you faced throughout the day so you keep those deep emotions bottled away.


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