love lost

                Another day, once again

        I have lost another man

        Someone I thought was oh so true

        Found out he had another love or two

        How dare him!? How could he waste our years?

        Outside I’m ok, but inside I’m in tears

        I thought our love would be just fine

I thought he was forever mine…


Then, that’s when I met you

You were the change

You were the twist

You were the magic to a goodnight’s kiss

You were my smile

You were my day

You were the reason why the pain went away

I forgot about the last guy

He did not matter no more

Because you were always the one I was searching for

And when I started to fall in love

You changed so suddenly like the guy mentioned above…


Now the sad melody came back to stay

No one’s coming towards my way

I hate this fact, yes once again

I have lost another man

Mama always told me that there would be a cost

But boy, I never knew the pain caused from love that’s lost.


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