Buring memories

Buring memories.

Right when memories began,
the crazy things we had planned.
Playing around just us two,
having fun as young kids do.
Laughing at the stuff we say,
remembering back to yesterday.

All i have are memories now,
leaving me depressed and down.
What now should i do?
my heart still devoted to you.
Just a painful sting,
you were once my everything.

Memories, dreams, the things i kept,
held me back from what i left.
what did i do to move on you say?
I put them in a fire and burnt them away.
Moving on is a choice you make,
a choice people rarely take.

Burst of flame at the lighters touch,
jump back quick it doesn't take much.
Fire catches and loses control,
gives beautiful light neither weak nor dull.
When the fire dies and the flames subside,
all that's left is ash and pride.

This is what is left of us,
nothing more then ash and dust.

,Michael Klemetson


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