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  Mental chaos Acrid memory Nothing but an Inhumane Catastrophe Defiled
Lover, you were a hurricane A tornado The typhoon to explain why some sailors never made it home And I used to call you mine And I used to call you after work   And I used to hold your hand
Disruption reigns in its place on high, disorderly king of confusion -- with crown of blue, green and purple hues; cloaked in red satin that stains our inner selves. Bow down at the feet of -Royalty-
                                           And after all, all these, my love I adore you and will always love you, my dove After so much hubbub and confusion
Hell in Haiti, Hell in Hispaniola Hell in Haiti, Hell in Santo Domingo Hell in Bohio, Hell in Quisqueya
            Haiti (Ayiti, Bohio, Quisqueya, Saint-Domingue) Is a long ago Kidnapped country Before the parturition of the harmful bayonets
12 percent of me is in the moment, 15 is withdrawn, Because 30 is wasted on stress,  And 43 wants to right all the wrongs.   Our world seems to be fading, Split apart at the seams
When was the exact moment I fell, I don’t remember, but look at me, my spirit is loud and clear, it tells? Like monkey business it smells 8-months ago, I could never foretell, or predicted a “love” such as this.
How do I believe that or whole relationship was fake? An act to get close to me, never give, only take. I’ve done the research, such much sounds shockingly familiar. Words described you to a tee, seems clear, yet unclear.
The cancer of my brain  Makes the world insane  Who am I to blame? For the lame  Calamity that consumes this sphere  of biodiversity  A world of adversity  People grow in masses 
Crash, bang, pop! Midnight gridlock. Red lights all around. Horns blaring with the sound of a thousand trumpets. I sit, wait, and appreciate.   Perspective changes problems into opportunities.
Daily life can be so tiring  You never have the chance  to think   People dictate  your every move Technology dictates  your every word    So now  more than ever
I used to detest life. Sometimes I still do. It was deep yet shallow  and still I could not find  my place Above the waves 
Ever had that moment when you come back to reality but at first it’s like you’re seeing it through a wall of water? I have, many times.
The chaos within me ensues  Drowning my thoughts    While I sought  For what was left of me  The views Within my soul  Were nothing but cold    I am no longer who i was 
The minds of men were so easy to sway She cackled as she toiled away To implant, to bury, to ingrain her seed To make men slaves of her creed.  Taking her time, she would watch seeds grow
Chaos!Water, sun, guns, rainPolitics, torture, deceits, painFire, carelessness and our house is guttedYet, more deception so our hope is battered.It’s an absolute desolation within this concrete jungle
She was born from fire.AndFrom those ashes she rose.burnt skin-Burnt skin that sizzled down like gift paper that had been thrown into the fire.
The rain is my peace. My eyes were the ocean. My heart in ruins. I shook violently as the droplets struck me. . The rain is my peace., For she cannot see my tears.
The clouds are blissful. They show a silver lining. Life travels forward.
Protest is a complicated word,  defined as people making their voices heard. We are encouraged to protest for what we believe,  however no one ever seems to concede.  We are told to work together to make a change, 
It's hard to be told, Something unwanted, By a loved one- Heart and mind daunted.   Yet I'd go beyond limits, If that's what they ask. I'd break my heart myself, For them to bask.
Thou who weeps their tears to form a river of torment, Art thou who know they can live through everything. Thee who shook hands with the demons who lye dormant,   While sinister grins from above emit subtle rings.
men cry of victory; though comrades have died. Heaven watches in horror; while children die by the knife. thousands are dying; and husband kills wife. i fell to my knees;
The mind is a battlefield A realm of chaos Thoughts fighting for dominance To be discovered and elaborated upon Fragments
who am I? nothing feels right. I cannot see with sight or, at least not quite, my skin feels too tight  around this soul. around this hole; that's consuming me, their presuming me;
Take a look inside my disconsolate mind,And what do you find?Thoughts so evil and dark,They leave an everlasting mark.Are you afraid now?
Abigail SullivanPart 1: A Letter to Cerebral Ameloid Angiopathy. Out of nowhere, you chose my dad as a potential victim to interrogate.
Because I love you When I was crumbling, the world morphing  Spinning around me like a top in Wonderland I still came to you, and pulled myself together I stitched you up, Put you together,
My mind, it spins Endlessly it seems, like the arms of a hurricane. And yet, it is trapped, centered, in my body, Next to you. A small shift in weight. A whimper. You understand, You touch me,
Several thoughts circle around my mind sometimes, yes, I'd be lying if I said I was fine. These thoughts know my mind more than I know myself, they have made a home between my nerves. A peaceful place inside the chaos.
Oh the dirt will scream The mountains will cry And their souls won't speak Because they'll be tongue-tied
Forever towards elusive horizons,  Driving away our primitive fear,  An endeavor at best.    Blurs of men zoom past,  Ghosts of ambition,  Echoes of monotony.    Vaguely human
There is a stupidity in this world. It drifts from person to person And it lingers in crowds. It is subtle but so widely stretched It encompasses the whole of humanity.
Paid the interior penalty With references to working principle Back on track now working on mobility To achieve peak conditionality Droppin' pipe bombs lyrically Finished with strategic methodology
My body is no longer tied down to this rugged earth           by limbs too weighed down by darkness. I'm floating.          unfeeling,          nothing but air.           The usual chaos has stopped its storm
Waves crash The thunders roll Thrashing upon my drowning soul   How long must I await Before it becomes too late Only he holds the power to save   But does he know of the pain
Why am I comfortable in Chaos and Order betrays me. A child born and raised in Chaos knows no Order.And that which is different betrays our reality,
Standing at the ocean of my mind My fears like the waves lap at my toes At the edge of my thoughts Aggressive crashes and angry foam Threaten to drag me under
  People as numerous as the sand Their clamor muted Only when the sun melts into the water   Only when the wave crash somehow louder than the buzzing of cars and voices
Snowflakes spinning 'round as I reflect upon my year New adventures from going far, And losing those whom I hold dear Pain blooms forward But that is not the only coloring of the rose
You’re making me new Giving me a new groove. Wiping clear the past, Correcting us with Your divine chast. While the rod de God hurts
I am not a poet. You are not a poet. I am a lost soul with an imagination that demands to be seen. You are a creature looking for words that fill your aching void with a sense of      belonging.  
Rain-laden clouds Swept Over the land, Meeting with The untouched Dusky sky, Heralding the treacherous, Disastrous deluge from the Heavens that was Yet to come.
I have encountered a knowledge that must be shared, Spread it around the world it is a cure for despair, A seed must be planted in this world full of tall tales, We must cut out the lies that was woven in our hairs,
Well... when she ended it I felt like it was the end of my world and it tore me up because I saw that my place in the universe was frozen in a nightmare, yet the rest of the universe was moving in bliss and tranquility.
What is War? Another word, That creates despair in the world. Men take, their last breath,  And head to their death. What is War?   The heartbreaks,  That it makes. 
I want to create BE Become the current Ethereal reality No authentic fakery Forget time spent Live in dreams Read in books So in reach   I want to act DO
I like the feeling of not doing what I'm supposed to do I like the thrill of running from what is good for me   Coincidence is beauty But when we make it it's just fate And when we think it's random,
The Irrelevance of time, the impermanence of this moment,  the intricacies of connecting, the impatience in waiting, the incessant need in acquiring, the anxiety of whats to come,
Forevermore the crow will core The truth from words all the more and the day will dawn, the chasm yawn until the truth doth ever soar. But on and on, the sense is gone and rhyme and riddle, chaos overriding,
I never thought I’d end up here with blistered lips and broken expectations.
Words that can never describe her mind Chaos is abundant Whirling hurling swirling thoughts each making less sense than the one before Each piling on to the stress And the worry And the disorientation
The pain within my heart kills me, Drowns me, Completely destroys anything that comes my way.
I rise with the dawn and dusk alike
Deep within the earth’s core A pool of magma dreams to soar Beyond the darkness Because although this pool is very bright ---- It is only their own light --- And they want more They crave more
Chaos. Inside me is chaos. I cannot explain in words the way it feels to be so completely and totally consumed
Paralyzed by my own mind games Chaos surrounds me  Yet it doesn't  I can't move But I can I don't react Yet I should I just am But am I? Words overwhelm me
Poetic words for someone already dead Try to call out warn them of the sorrow
I am carbon  a diamond in the rough still dull with jagged edges I've been through heat and under lots of pressure but I still don't shine people look and stare in my direction
I sabotage myself daily. I don’t intend to, yet all I do is ruined. Clutter and disasters is what I’m used to. Yet the disappointment is always so fresh.
It is, you see, all about the struggle. It is about the hunger in your eyes, devouring your soul. It is the passion
In a world full of chaos and hate, you wanna know what lifts me up... you wanna know what makes me smile... you wanna know how I am able to persevere,
Note: A short story based of of the Warrior Cats book series written by Erin Hunter. 
I am a dreamer, I am a believer, I am a changer, In a world that sits still, I am a go getter,  In a world that sits still, I am a dancer,  I am an entreprenuer, a risk taker,  A dreamer, but in vain.
Chaos burned in her questioning eyes. Chaos tumbled through her curly hair. Chaos lingered on her waiting lips. Chaos was sitting there. Chaos was the passion with which she kissed.
Through beams of wood, light reaches for silver souls afloat. A single breeze, a reverberation from the other layer of time, Air dancing to the melody of ghosts across skin, Just brushing the nerves, barely greeting,
Away, away I will not come back, remind me, yes remind me of sin and wrong remind me of why red so satisfied.   Confuse you? That is the point.
The world of threads The world of chains The world of strings The world of lanes.   The threads get tangled. The chains trap people. The strings are tripped over.
Push and pullBring me closerAnd furtherFrom deathAnd life.I have neither.No life can be happyWith the thought of an endNo death can enjoyAny aspect of life. 
  Dark and cold yet hot as the same time. That’s how I imagine it. One big fiery pit. Lava spewing onto the surface of the sun. Ghouls and demons.
A carbon atom is small, But it can make you trip and fall. It has many things to do in life, So it will do it while he flies. Carbon forms a bond with oxygen, And they become the eternal bossing gem. They travel through the world,
You malicious little thing, you're living in nightmares. Spiders hide in dark in dark corners, crawl out to fill you with fright, dear.
  My eyes are the most beautiful  when I am crying.   I’ve always admired the irony in that.   At my lowest point, my eyes contrast the misery flamed inside me.    
  The walls are closing in, pressure's building up.   World has gone corrupt, my heart is a sinking ship,   Drowning in the ocean even though I'm on the coast;  
Darkened skies, and places of dismayViolence, deaths are the best way to describe todayMalevolent personalities and families that strayHomeless people, jobless people, tend to struggle everyday
“Can you feel it?  The madness slowly going  up your spinal cord.  The black ooze mixing with your neurons to create something new. Something different. Something  dangerous. You can feel can’t you.
Born Again, Die Again For whether it be the light of good or darkness of evil We go our own way down the path that we call life There is a time in our eras that we must make difficult decisions
Trees have always reminded me of lungs. They even kind of look like them. They branch out in the same type of widespread, fleshy mass with exposed meat, and their introverted veins; veins as in branches, veins that act as passages.
  Shells bursting is the only din. The dirt launched up from the moist ground. My vision is blinded by the light. I must withstand. Even despite The fact that I cannot be found.  
My mother lived at the bottom of a vodka bottle. Her lungs crystallized from years of breathing tobacco instead of air. She wasn't always sad, I'm sure. But I never saw her smile
Another Day, Another Blow to the Body, Perhaps the worst one yet                                    Defenseless, Miserable,She feels so Alone.                                                                                     Afraid to sleep, For
SplitShatteredOne of many facesOne maskWho knows the answersFrom offenseTo defensePoet at onceFighter the nextLover at daySinner by night
Waking up, rubbing the crust out of my eyes to realize, where i reside is a land on its demise I then reflect on I, surrounded by subsidized housing and homeless vets, and fiends who get cocaine wasted by the ounces
Deprived of the purification my body and soul aches my spirit dies a little my heart cries a bit and i remain physically intact bound to behave and portray normality for its a crime to shed emotion
I sit I cry There's so much going on The yelling The fighting It never stops The littlest thing Sets me off School Homework Homelife How do I balance it
So many thoughts, So little room to breathe, to talk, to think, to wish. You don't know where to begin. You may be young, short, or just quirky. People pressuring you to think of what to do in life.
Walking in the black mist, I feel an impending sense of doom. I see nature on either side of me, But I feel all alone.
Upon this day hence forth I decree The clarity of life set through eternity Unsettled , torn, weary and worn The aspects to creation settled and born
Unsettled beyond the flow of time, The creature stirs in its prime, Clawing and clashing unto the Veil, With sights blazon and a destructive trail.
So loud in my head Stop to breathe Look up And Silence fills my ears
Silent days Filled with clattering Thoughts Lonely desires Passions stretched over my eyelids like Spandex pants one size too small
Instantaneously extrapolating infinitude summation of the single orb, derived of nether region, misty and cloud laden which sits on high.
Eyes like Storms, Secrets churning in their depths. Emotion; chained. Encased in glacial stone. Arrogance incarnate In his Golden Crown. Athena’s blessing Behind his brow.
I felt a genocide in my soul And dictators of the centennial Kept marching, marching till it seemed Hope was springing detrimental
Chaos, Chaos, everywhere Body flailing without a care Right hand keeping steady eights Right foot sets a steady pace Mind is splitting what to do The body knows what it's doing, but do you?
A beauty with wings and beady eyes flying higher than Everest It's ego soaring with every flap as it gains momentum Sharp mustard beak contradicts its soft feathers Gorgeous svelte body helps it ascend
Her piercing charisma inadvertently negates my indomitable fortification like an oblivious butterfly mocks the opulent structures of man by its evanescent fluttering.
Are you high? Don't lie. No use. Misuse? Misunderstood. Miss Independent Thought she could. All Alone Hold the phone.
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