Dark Neurons, and rapid potential

“Can you feel it? 

The madness slowly going 

up your spinal cord. 

The black ooze mixing with your

neurons to create something new.

Something different. Something 

dangerous. You can feel can’t you.

The way the concoction, and the spinal cord meet. 

You don’t know it, but the madness has taken 

over. You’ve succumbed to it’s power, and are

a slave to it’s whim. Even now you’re nothing. 

The person you were has faded from existence.

Replaced by someone else thanks to this thing. 

You're hopeless to stop it, so you remain to the 

side, as you watch all the horrors unfold with the 

usage of your face. Blood stained walls, the taste

of organs, and the smell of rotting corpses. You’re 

life has become that of a puppet. This is what 

happens to man who seek power. Madness potentials 

firing, rapidly giving new orders, new ways to slaughter, 

and the like. You see the brain turn black, but somehow 

it’s healthier than it has been ever before. How can this 

be you ponder? An answer isn't found but even as you watch 

you can’t help but feel proud about it, and then it happens. Your 

body is given back to you. This body is different. It’s more awake,

more energized, much more can be done, and focused on. Perhaps 

this doesn't need to be used for evil purpose. But you are wrong, to 

continue functioning at this level, lives must be lost, and the body fed. 

Will you give up this feeling of power, or continue killing to satisfy your 

own needs? Of course the question has been answered for fifty percent 

of the show is run by the blackness flowing within you.” 

A smile of madness, and eyes black as night there is no turning back 

on this path. 


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