And After All, All These, My Pretty Rose

                                           And after all, all these, my love

I adore you and will always love you, my dove

After so much hubbub and confusion

After so much chaos and tribulation

After so many wacky discussions

After so many funny contentions

After so many false accusations

After so many weak oppositions

After so many vain humiliations

After so many terrible deeds

After so many wills

After so many avowals

After so many strange rainbows

After so many real lies

After so many misunderstandings

After so many crazy pleadings

After so many futile quarrels

After so many useless looks

After so many hodgepodge and perils

After so many manias and childish gestures

After so much insults and chimeras

After so much contempt and paramilitary wars

After so many litany roars

After so many laconic reactions

After so many bitter uproars

After so many backward speeches

After so many elegiac poems

After so many demonic emblems

After so many incredible crevasses

After so many days and nights of irksomeness

After so many drunken and diseased sweats

After so many fast and furtive tears

After so many things that I wouldn't dare to detail

And after so many others that I wouldn’t like to list

I love you, I want you and I will continue to love you

Love is a madness swollen with inexplicable lust

Words and lyrics are sometimes incapable tools

To properly define the destiny and the exegeses of the soul

No one is perfect except a woman's imagination

Men are always wrong. Strong men never own

The appropriate reason whatever the season

After all, all these, my pretty rose

The firmament wouldn't turn tenebrous

The spring wind has come to garland Mother Nature

Birds fly and sing. What a joyous adventure

The future will tell the rest. Like a scribe in verve, I can't wait to write

And after all these, I love you and I want to confirm all my chitchats.


P.S. Translation of ‘Après Tout, Tout Cela, Ma Jolie Rose’ by Hébert Logerie


Copyright© February 2022, Hébert Logerie, All Rights Reserved

Hébert Logerie is the author of several collections of poems.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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