I rise with the dawn and dusk alike
My breath steals away your sight
I consume all above and below
Under me, you will reap what you sow
I am the trick that began them all
My influence will cause men to fall
I am the endless maze without walls
You may cry out but no one will hear your calls
I plague the mind with unseen terror
Once you are mine, you see your error
I emulate chaos and inner fears
Even on the path, I will draw your tears
I can engulf the mind, body, and soul
With me at your side you will forget your role
I bring the panic you try to supress
Even light cannot save you from distress
I feel cold on your pallid skin
Warmth is a friend I wont let in
I have had my fun so I'll go if you insist
But know I will find you again-I am the mist.


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